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IdeasMine: A tool to generate New Ideas for Progress.

For you 2 months free of use.

You are a decision-maker of strategic projects in a company, in an administration, in an association, (CEO, President , Director...).

We give you the opportunity to effeciently collect new ideas for progress and to share it (if you wish) with other decision-makers who share your concerns.

How ?

For each decision maker, we provide "IdeasMine tool of ideas and actions management" for free up to 10 users during 3 months.                                                                          

IdeasMine runs in SaaS mode on a dedicated secure server.

In your entity, the group of 10 users chosen ,will make their proposals on one or more of the 5 challenges that we propose, or on the one or those that you have defined.

The 5 challenges proposed :

  1. What are our ideas to mobilize the entire intelligence of the company every day ?
  2. How to increase our operating margin by 30% in the next 12 months ?
  3. What are our ideas for developing new profitable activities for our group?
  4. How can we develop the spirit of continuous improvement in all our employees ?
  5. What are our ideas to obtain 30% more of customers in the coming year ?

AL Consulting, the IdeasMine main designer, takes part in each challenge as an advisor and sends each week to those who wish it a synthesis of the ideas expressed by all the entities.

 To request your free site for 2 months 10 users : click here

What are the 2 main advantages ?

You use a complementary way to invite the talent of the chosen collaborators and you stimulate their thinking and their commitment.
You get from them or from other groups (if you share) new ideas that bring progress.

You are not a decision-maker but you are very interested about the subject.
  .You can access to the demo by registering at the following address : http://ideasmine.net/fr/demo-57
  .You will discover the features and the advantages of the IdeasMine tool
  .You argue and you succeed to convince your decision-maker to participate in this project.
  .Contact us, we can help you in this task : André Langlois +33 609141202 

 To request your free site for 2 months 10 users : click here

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