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Advantages of IdeasMine

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Discover 10 main advantages of IdeasMine
That will boost your Collaborative Idea Management System.


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Advantage #1: Global vision for better decisions

The IdeasMine home page is your system's control center.

You have a global vision and a fast access to all important events related to idea activity, comments, votes and best contributors.

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Advantage #2: The ideas but also the actions

With its Ideas Workflow, IdeasMine not only lets ideas emerge, but it also facilitates their implementation: The implementation of each idea can be followed daily by its author, its manager and the system animator.
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Advantage #3: Animation made easy

The success of a Collaborative Idea Management System also relies on effective leadership : The automated delivery of information messages, new contribution warnings, and inactivity/deadline recall alerts makes it all much easier.
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Advantage #4: Contribution encouraged

Posting ideas has never been easier: You can produce a well-documented idea in 2 clicks. You can define its priority and take tke responsability for its implementation. You can choose to publish it or let it on hold (only you can see it) to improve or complete it later.
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Advantage #5: Always Up-to date

IdeasMine grows with you : Improvements are made periodically and made available to users free of charge. You're sure that your tool is always at its highest efficiency level, and you can even suggest new improvements..
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Advantage #6: Everywhere at any time

Ideas don't choose when to come up : With its "Responsive Design" IdeasMine interface adapts itself to the size of any mobile device screen. You post and participate at any time, anywhere.
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Advantage #7: Available within 12h

IdeasMine is immediately operational. You don't need IT resources, our SaaS solution is "turnkey": Your dedicated business solution is available on our secure servers in less than 12 hours.
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Advantage #8: Instant personalization

Your solution must follow your needs: IdeasMine fits the nature and context of your project.You set the key functionalities of the application accordingly, and if the functionality you need does not exist, we can implement it very fast, so that eventually you have a solution that perfectly meets your needs.
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Advantage #9: Ease of use

Everything must be done to  make it easier to post new ideas: With IdeasMine no new ID entries. A specific SSO (Single Sign On) interface, customized to fit your system, allows each user to get logged-in automatically.
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Advantage #10: Your ideas are valuable

Ideas are precious: Your data is confidential and completely safe with one of the best European hosters, on RAID disks, and automatically backed-up 2 times a day. If a failure  happens, your data would be restored within 12 hours.

And much more...

  • Full access to all ideas is a " motivation booster", and increases the number and quality of the ideas.

  • In a few clicks you adapt your interface to your corporate branding, thanks to the color-scheme setup, to the multiple template choices and to the custom banner replacement function which gives  the sense of belonging.

  • With the keyword search , you identify all the ideas and comments on the topics that interest you.You get an overview of all related contributions (ideas, comments) with the keyword highlighted.
  • You create a dedicated exchange environment, allowing everyone to get a better view of the "big picture", and thus give his best every day.

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