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Turning Ideas Into Actions

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Turning Ideas into Actions to increase performance
and to obtain fast, visible, long-lasting results.

With Ideasmine you can manage Ideas AND Actions!


Like most of our contenders,we could have built a heavy and a complex solution but  we did choose simplicity.

IdeasMine was built around 3 main principles:

1. Simplicity
2. Implication
3. Continuous Improvement

IdeasMine is simple

(the simpler it gets, the more ideas you get...)


We aimed simplicity to make our system easier to start, easier to use, and easier to manage.

The "Simplicity Cubed" of IdeasMine is one of the keys to success and of the efficiency.

No need for specific training, the access to all features is intuitive, and one idea can get posted within 2 clicks.

IdeasMine is Participative

IdeasMine has been built on a participative way, wich is quite logical for a tool to manage the ideas and actions of all.

The tool itself has received over 350 ideas of improvements, posted by both our teams and customers. 83% of those have been implemented, all along the 3-year development cycle of the system.

IdeasMine is evolutionary

Continuous Improvement is at the heart of our philosophy. We strongly believe in "Neverending Improvement". Every day new ideas are posted and implemented. For us, there is no better proof of the relevance of this principle.

The corresponding features and advantages evolve at high frequency and always follow the principles of simplicity and participation.

IdeasMine is among the best Tools  to gather contributions from all of your company's workforces, but is also the best way to help you implement them, for faster, visible and long-lasting results.

AL Consulting also gives consulting and training for managers to make sure all Conditions for Success are met in order to turn your "Collaborative Ideas" program into a striking success.


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