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What are the Improvement Ideas? - How does it work?

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How the system works

The IdeasMine system is made of :

  • An Intranet / Extranet module.
  • A document concerning the application methodology.
  • A User Guide.
  • A Moderator Guide.

The Extranet / Intranet module:

This system is provided to you as a hosted service. In this case, your company will be able to access it through a link like this :


This space is reserved for you and there are security systems in place to guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

The system can be customized according to your company graphics.couvia

IDEASMINE is very easy to use and can be tested here.

The methodology :

A result of our 20 years-experience of tools  implementation in industrial productivity, this document details the essential steps to start the system. It will allow you to save valuable time and to avoid the usual drawbacks.

The User/Moderator Guides :


These documents are identical to the documents used by Al Consulting consultants during their consulting and training missions to set up and use a system of improvement ideas.

They will allow to explain to all staff what an idea for improvement is, what are the issues  in the system, and why everyone should participate.

The document for the managers/administrators highlights the importance of their role for the success of the action and also the tasks that they will have to accomplish.



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